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Friday, 21 February 2014


School starts in like 10 days and i am so confused about how i am feeling. I am looking forward to meet all the people i have not seen in like 2 months but at the same time i am scared and mum and dad are not helping by constantly telling me that how important this year is and how it is going to affect my future etc. etc.....and of course, how if i put my heart in this one, i'll enjoy the rest of the years of my life with very little struggle (which is a lie , now that we all know that after school there is a lot many more years of studying )........
Okay, whatever. I am scared and i cannot point out a single reason. Next year, this time i will probably preparing for my boards.
Just yesterday i was talking to one of my friends. She was like ," ---my name---i am so scared. Do tell me that if i study from the very beginning, and divide time between studying the class 11 and class 12 syllabus, will i be able to clear PMT ? "
I smiled to myself, i had been facing exactly the same fears, though they were about getting admission in Delhi University . For a week now, at least ever since we returned from our holiday trip, i have been fretting , frantically searching on google...questions like 'How should one study in class 12 ? ','Time management skills for students','How much sleep is necessary for students ?' etc.
Its all crazy ! I have started planning my time table and even that is making me go crazy.....3:30 pm sleep for an hour, 5 pm, should be on study table, 8 pm to 9 pm, dinner plus news on t v, after that studying a little more till 10 pm, then newspaper and extra reading...Bah..! crazy, I still don't seem to have enough time .
So i have just stopped planning, since from my own experience i know that these ' plans' never seem to work out...and i continue to sleep as much as up to 9 hours, and watch not news on t v but channel V....
No plans this time, since my brain is already full of huge piles of dusty plans ( like bills in Lok Sabha) which were never executed.
So what do i do ? Well, i just go on you tube and  watch some hilarious superwoman videos which help me a lot in forgetting or rather escaping what i shouldn't...then i watch T.V and then...i sleep which is the thing i love to do the most...just sleep peacefully........
But all this does not mean that i am losing my focus...Nope..far from that. Mentally, actually i have prepared myself for hard work that is waiting for me. I am not making plans because i want to have some flexibility and because no matter what, i never seem to be able to follow them. Anyways still i know i will have to start right from the beginning. I was watching this interview of toppers of maybe 2011 or 2012 ( i don't remember)......and all of them said things which had two points in common; one was " right from the start' and other was " time management".
Now i have never been a really good friends with time . It always runs fast when i need more of it ...guess it happens with everybody one or the other time. I just am not able to figure out this 'proper time management' thing..i mean how ?
 It is very easy  to say ,' Start right from the beginning and slog hard plus time management, that is the secret and have your share of fun'....right ....i cannot just make time for fun and also slog hard and this is exactly what puzzles me. Guess, weekends are for fun maybe slog all week and get a bit rest during weekends...but only like on Saturday.....yeah that could be good...And getting the right amount of sleep is important too, at least 7 hours a day...That would be cool.
You know, i believe in myself but i don't trust myself. Somehow, i have always started with a lot of enthusiasm in the beginning of the year but that fades away in less than 15 i just hope that this time i am going to make it last. i will just try to make most of my least what is left of them and start with full swing this academic year.
I am so excited to meet my friends, i will be so glad to see them. It is going to be okay. Class 12 is going to be awesome...WORK HARD; PARTY HARD !!!!